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Related post: Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 09:01:54 EDT From: Subject: Reenacting Rome with DadAll rights reserved do not copy to another site or sell. You must be legal age to read. My other stories in Nifty under Author's. Some Dad's are into sports my dad is big on History I mean really big. He reads History, watches it on TV and at the movies and is always preteen boys collection talking about it. So I was not surprised when he came home (We live alone) and told me all excited he had found and joined one of those "Reenacting groups" this one was into Re enacting the glories of old Rome. I got a big kick out of Dad's excitement and when he asked if I would join up with him of course I said 13 sexy preteen yes. Now Dad was then 39 years preteen japan bikini old and I was just 18 he was 6 foot tall and 190 pounds of pure muscle thick black wavy hair a real head turner with his looks. I was not a bad looking guy myself at 5'11 150 pounds also worked out but I had gotten Mm's blond hair and fair skin. Dad really got into this brazil thing preteen thing we attended meeting and that's when we found out that the group was having it's yearly camp. They had rented a preteen nude sites 300 acre site in up state Pa. on which they would pitch tents and spend candid preteen vids the whole week dressed as Roman troops, eating and drinking just as they would have back in the Glory days of Rome. Every article of clothing we would wear for the week had preteen jeans models to pass preteen bikini pussy inspection and be as it was in Rome circa 1 AD. Dad had ordered him and I two sets of uniforms of the Roman army. Dad was to be a Centurion while I was to be his assistant. I sex story preteen have to admit illegal preteen forum that I was really impressed with the uniforms, the feathered helmet and the breast plates and the red cape and the red shock preteens pics skirt. and We were fitted for the sandals with the straps half up the legs.The uniforms came a week before the event as did our tent which was they said as it would have been in the hey days of Rome. I changed into my uniform and came down to meet dad in the living room of our house. He had on his uniform and I preteen russian lola have to preteens forced tell you he looked like and Adonis, fuck I was ready to jump on his bones right there but hey this was my dad. Dad inspected me as if he were a centurion head to toe. I had to remove my watch (they didn't have them then) My ear ring went the same way. Then to my surprise and a little pleasure dad picked up my skirt and saw that I had on my jockey briefs.Dad said sternly "Kevin, There was not a troop in all of Caesar's legions who had jockey shorts on, They have to come off"I was surprised and said "But Dad what am I supposed to wear? Nothing?"Dad smiled and lifted up his skirt to let me see what, well didn't have on. there for me to see was his fat preteen cute little long cock and big hairy balls. I took a good only preteens nudes look cause we had always been so proper around the house and I never really got to see dad's cock I was impressed really impressed. While I was taking in that preteen modeling pic sight of that big daddy cock he reached under my own skirt and was pulling down preteen nymphets links my briefs and exposing my cock to his view.he said as they fell to the floor "there you go Kevin like that and mmm you have nice Roman equipment hanging there"I had to let the skirt fall down to cover me as I was getting hard how many times I wished but could never dream of this happening with my dad. From that moment until we would leave for the lsm magazine preteen weeks camping that was all I could think about dad and dad's cock, I would be seeing it again and all week. All that week I nonnude model preteen would be jerking off my own cock thinking about dad's. He knew nothing about my liking guy's and would be shocked to find out. Then I was kind of afraid of how I was going to be seeing all those men dressed as roman's and no undies all week? I would just have to keep jacking off my cock to keep it down? We arrived at the camp grounds. We were taken into a cabin and told to change into our legionaries uniforms. There were about 20 other men in there and we had lockers for our street cloths. Dad's locker was right next to mine and the guy on the right preteen henti preview of my locker was a man of about preteen girls gallery 18 like myself, he was in the same situation here with his dad. We quickly stripped off our cloths and my dad was preteen model delight dressing me as if I were a toddler again, The same with the kid next pre teen dreams to me. At several points in usenet binaries preteen Dad's dressing me I got to see the kid naked and it all hanging out Lord he was another Adonis. He was a skinny kid and that fat cock he had looked so out of proportion on his thin body fuck it had to be a good 9 inches hard. All dressed nude tgp preteen now in the uniform of Rome we went to the big pow wow. There we found out that the skinny kid and his dad would be tenting next to us two. we introduced ourselves and the underwear underage preteen Kid was Mark from Philadelphia like us and his dad a good looking blonde named Harry. We pitched our tents in the row we were told and boy preteen underwear next to each other the four of russian preteen rape us working together to get them up. Every time Dad or Mark or Marks dad Harry would bend over I would get a nice look at their ass and they were pre teen moldes all hot real hot. Mark and I needed to use the bath room and preteen cambodian pussy were told to follow the road a ways and portal s preteens we would find the latrines. You got it the latrines were hole's in the ground to do number two and number one in the open for all to see. A hand rail was there to allow you to do the number two. Mark and I stood next to each other in the uniforms sans the breast plates and pulled up our skirts and we were taking our piss Of course I Was getting a good look at Mark's cock and saw him shamelessly looking at mine too.Mark holding his cock said "I guess we can't really be bashful here, we'll be seeing a lot of cock in the next week and ass too"I said laughing "Yea but I really don't mind" I blushed after saying thatMark still holding his semi hard uncut cock smiled and said "yea I feel the same way, Good time to compare and see where we stack up in the cock size area"I laughed and said "Well looks like you'll be stacking up pretty good Mark?"He was letting his skirt down fantasy preteen nudes now and turned to face me putting his hand on my shoulder he said "Kevin, From what I've just seen they may make you a Caesar before the week is out, You are one hung dude" We walked back to the tents and couldn't preteen young nympho find our dad's at first? Then we heard some sounds from the one tent ours. I pulled back the tent flap and there Mark and I saw our two dad's laying facing each other on the floor of the tent. They quickly came out telling us they were testing out how the tents were preteen lolta pics for two grown men? Mark bought my attention preteen euro angels to it. Both men's skirts were more then a little tented out themselves. The call went out through the camp for us all angel preteen sex to report for a major meeting with the General. we quickly 11yo preteen got on our breast plates and spears and joined in the group. The General sounded pretty cool really and for a while there I really did have the feeling that I was a Roman legionnaire. Also 11yo preteen naked with Mark brushing his arm up against me from time to time was getting my skirt to tent as well. He would rub my arm and point out a handsome man or a handsome guy our own age and wink. The General got my attention when he got onto the subject preteen passwords forum of Homosexuality in the Legions of Rome. He was saying that all the teenart x preteen men here were over 18 and so young preteen dvd he felt free to talk about preteen ls land that aspect of Rome. He told us that preteen nudist teen a good many of the men were in fact out homosexual's and to add to the feeling they agreed to be open in displaying their love and sexuality to all who would want to have the true feeling of a Roman camp. You could hear a pin drop while he was saying this. What I felt was Mark putting his hand under my skirt and feeling my bare ass. His hand was exploring my bubble ass and even pushing a finger in my hole I loved it. I looked around while he was doing this and saw no one seemed to take notice so I reached over and put my own hand under his skirt and was feeling his hairy ass too. Harry his dad turned around then and I saw his eyes fall to my tented out skirt in the front preteen nude cartoons and then to Mark's and he nudged my dad preteen cartoons and said "I don't think our canadian preteen models two young recruits here will be having a problem with that part?" the two of us immediately pulled our hands free but not before my dad got to see preteen photo post it. to my delight he just smiled and said "Well Kevin and mark I am glad you two are really getting into the sprit of Rome" Dinner was then served and we four sat next to each other for the meal by the camp fire. I looked around and could see that a lot of the men were doing the hugging and even kissing so openly as the General had said to expect. I was so fucking horny and so surprised my dad was cool with this and in fact often pointing out two men getting into it for me. After nude preteen cocks dinner we four walked around the camp near the lake which would be our only means to clean up for the week we saw two men by a tree one had the skirt of the other pulled up and was fucking him hard preteen fuc movies for dear life really pounding his lover hard. preteen pussy forum we all stood fixated by the sight then Dad said "well we want to learn just what it would have been like in a Roman camp and looks like we sure will?"Mark shocked the shit out of me when he said "Dad, You wanted me to really get into this whole thing, now would you mind if I got into that while we are here?"His dad Harry looked at my Dad and shrugged his shoulders and then said "Hell Mark that is the way it was and well son when in Rome do as the Roman's do"My dad said "You'll have to find a man to go into that with you Mark"I said "I wouldn't mind volunteering to help Mark out of course in the interest of Rome and truthfulness in reenacting that is"Dad turned his head preteen little nymphetes and looked at me at that moment for the one-second I was not sure if Dad was going to punch my face or what? It was a long still moment.Dad smiled and said "Kevin while we are here at this camp we are not father and son, we are two legionaries so you are free to do that if you think you would like to try it preteen top pthc I guess now is the time to do that?"Harry said "You guy's have to know one preteen pix pedo thing in the Roman legions while they did encourage gay loving among the troops they discouraged the men having particular lovers, the men were to share the sex equally with the other troops"Mark then alyssa preteens smiled at us and said "Dad I would be more then willing to share my sex with you and Flavious ( Dad had asked to be called that for the week) and Kevin if you will all share with me, hell yes, how about you Kevin?"I looked at dad and he was seemingly OK with all this i was shocked hard and happy nude preteens studio all at once I just said "Fuck yes any of you legionaries can pull up my preteen dildo models skirt front or back when ever you want"There had to be a good 20 men walking around us and we preteens models colombia were in plain sight of the whole lot of them when my dad now flavious knelt down on the dirt and picked up my skirt and was feeling my balls in his hand and then my hard cock in bbs preteen picture his other modeles preteens hand. right there for all to see my dad feeling my cock. Mark came around behind me and had the rear of my skirt up and was rubbing my bubble ass with his hands then he laid his massive cock along my ass crack and pulled me to him as he was pumping me out in young preteen newsgroup the open. Harry to my delight was on the side of me my shirt pulled up sucking one blog preteen video of my tits. Dad took my 9 inch cock in his mouth and the wetness and his tongue all over my cock head and down the shaft of my cock was so fucking hot I forgot it was my dad it was just a great blow job and I was pumping my hard thick cock into dad's mouth.As dad sucked me cock and Mark was dry fucking my ass I was saying things like "Oh yea flavious suck that big dick for me eat me cock man, fuck man, you are my Roman hero flavious, yea buddy suck them big hairy balls"A group had now formed all in Roman dress to watch the show we were putting on. One man came up model preteen paradise to Mark and handed him a vile saying it was axial grease. I felt Mark pull his cock illegal preteen virgins off my crack and he was putting the axial grease on his preteen 16yo massive thick 9 inch cock, fuck I was going to get fucked here in the open with my dad sucking my cock and standing in front of a whole fucking Roman legion. I felt Marks wide cock head on my hole I leaned back and dad video preteen innocent kept his mouth on my cock as I moved back preteen art nylon on Mark's cock head. Mark was pushing and the grease sure worked baby pics preteen as my little preteen bikini hole spread to take in his wide ass cock head mark preteen love juices was inside me fucking me then he pushed more into me and more his shaft was even wider it felt then the cock preteen holland head soon all that wonderful Roman cock was pounding my ass hole fucking me spreading me Mark was pulling me to him and kissing my neck as he fucked me hare and deep fucking that massive cock in me. There was a man there who was making eye contact with me as I got sucked and fucked and he lifted his skirt to show me his massive hard dick and he was pulling it I smiled at him good looking in that Roman uniform. Mark was cuming in me gush after gush of his teen cum was wetting me inside. The handsome man was now over and behind me as soon as mark pulled his cock out of me the man was pushing his thick hard cock into my cum soaked hole and he was good and thick and hitting my prostate time after time he pounded my cum soaked hole I was now shooting my load into my own dad's mouth and he was taking his first of many to come loads from his son. The man fucking me had the build of a barbell guy as he pressed his strong chest against my back as he fucked my hole then he too was filling me with cum sweet youngest preteens jerk after jerk he shot topless preteenmodels a load into my hole. Mark's dad had him bent over and was fucking Mark real hard and wow Mark was taking it His Dad Harry had a fuck preteen picture thick ass cock too and this was their fist fuck. Once sexy preteen hookers Harry came in his son I mounted Mark preteen nude pictures from behind. I put my cock head to Mark's hole and felt the wetness of his dad's cum and the axial grease I pushed my dick into my new friend my fellow legionnaire and slid into him all 9 inches of my teen cock was filling him and I was a good fucker I knew how and when to hit that prostrate and preteen girls photographs I had Mark loving my cock pounding his ass preteen bondage films hole I fucked him with his Roman skirt pulled over his back and then I was filling him with my own singles preteens panties cum. My dad I saw when I pulled out of Marks ass and we were hugging and kissing was now fucking Mark's dad just feet model preteen svetlana from us. Really pounding Harry's hole. He looked at me and as he continued to fuck Harry he said to me "My tent mate there you can expect me to illegal ass preteen fuck you can expect me to fuck you tonight and every night in preteenz vids our tent" I knelt down and took Marks big ass cock into my mouth he was underground preteen legal only semi hard then but it grew to it's full 9 while I sucked the cock that had fucked and came in me soon Mark little preteen angles was rewarding me with load after load of his Roman cum in preteen boyz nude my mouth I knew we would be long time friends preteen sucking dog from then on. After he came in my mouth the strong weight lifter who had fucked me was there russian preteen fucking and I began to suck that tool of his and he pounded my face with that massive cock and was so loud when he was shooting his cream in my mouth. I loved the taste of his and Marks cum mixing in my mouth. I stood up and there was a man wavy blonde hair and so handsome next to him stood a boy who had to be candid cuties preteen no more then 14. I just looked at him and he was so cute. I am not really into kids that young but he was a hot looking kid. I said to the man "I thought all the guy's here were over 18?" the man answered that this was his son and he was in fact nudist preteen nymphs 19 just looked young. I guess illegal preteenz galleries I must have insulted the kid cause he pulled up his skirt to reveal a massive cock that I found out was 10.5 inches and said preteen topsite free "does this look like a boy's cock shameless pre teens to you stud?" I dropped to my knees and took that massive thick cock in my mouth I was barely able to get my mouth open wide enough to take it and thai preteennonnude models forget deep throating I sucked it and he fucked my mouth. Soon my dad was behind him fucking his bare ass skirt over the kids back and dad calling out how fucking tight the kid was. God sucking the kid I could feel dad's naked preteen girls cock as I sucked and he dad pounded his ass. pantie pic preteen The kid preteen candid nonude was soon filling my mouth with his sweet cum much more then I could swallow of his hot cream. Dad was now filling the kids rear hole with his cum. The dad then said I owed him a fuck and I like to pay on time so i was on the ground on all fours while the dad was pounding my fucked hole and filling nude photos preteen me with his cum. he was in preteens underwear replace by the sniffing preteen panties kid who did manage to fuck that monster cock of his in me and His dad must have taught him well because he sure knew how to make love to a man's preteen nudist competition pussy filling spreading and preteen tgp archives wetting it time and again with his cream.More will come soon, we have a whole week in the Roman camp to remember. if you would like a picture of a mature Kevin write you must give your age for a picture for legal reasons Kevin Kelly in NJ
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